Applewood Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

Submitted by Megan
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Some advice for a simple, wonderful Thanksgiving meal: Try serving our applewood smoked turkey instead of starting with your usual raw bird.  Serving a smoked turkey has great benefits, like:

~ Drastically less time in the kitchen; just heat gently and serve.

~ Turkeys smoked with sweet applewood are deliciously different from plain turkey.

~ Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Turkey is always juicy and never dry.

~ No worries about whether the bird is completely cooked – we already did it for you!

~ Leftovers are even better than usual and we have some great Nueske’s family recipes to help you use them up… that is, if there are any leftovers.

Check out what sizes of whole applewood smoked turkeys we offer!   Also, if you’re a turkey lover and are lucky enough to live near our hometown of Wittenberg, Wisconsin – or if you ever come and visit – we have big, plump, straight-out-of-the-smokehouse turkey drumsticks in our deli case!

Applewood Smoked Turkey