Food Trucks = Mobile Bacon

Submitted by Megan
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Even up here in the middle of rural northern Wisconsin, we’ve noticed the urban food truck boom.   We know it has to be a big deal if we’re hearing about it all the way in Wisconsin’s northwoods, where many times the nearest dining establishments are scattered truck stops or tiny village diners and where there are certainly no mobile kitchens pulling up, curbside, to serve a fabulous lunch.

Everyone at Nueske’s is always amazed to see our name appear on menus in fine far-away restaurants… and now we’re amazed to see our name appearing on the menus of these mobile kitchens in cities across the country.  Many times these trucks specialize in a certain type of food, like gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, desserts, bbq, or thai food.

We found one new food truck – or really, they found us – in Los Angeles that specializes only in bacon dishes.  The truck’s name is “Lardon”, which is a nice little foodie play on words, given that “lardon” in French cooking means diced bacon and that the truck’s catch phrase is “Get Your Lard On”.

Lardon features ten to fifteen menu items including such bacon-focused treats as “The Bacone”; a paper cone filled with three rotating kinds of bacon (Nueske’s Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon was recently in The Bacone lineup), Brioche French Toast filled with crumbled bacon and covered in bacon bourbon maple syrup, and of course a signature BLT known as “The Lardon”.  This beauty comes filled with Nueske’s Tellicherry Pepper-Coated Bacon, butter lettuce, and tomatoes with creamy St. Agur blue cheese on a toasted baguette.

Here in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, we certainly do eat our fair share of Nueske’s Bacon, but we sure wouldn’t mind having someone to drive up and prepare it for us like they do at Lardon.  If you find yourself in their L.A. neighborhood, make sure you stop and get something.

If you’re interested in hearing more, you can check out Lardon and Nueske’s being featured on Carson Daly’s radio show last week on L.A.’s 97.1.