Specialty Sausage: Kielbasa

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Spring has always meant certain things to us, here at Nueske’s.  The obvious correlation between this crocus-filled transitional season and smoked meats is the demand for Easter hams… but for everyone who works here, we’ve been waiting for something else.  We know that spring is the time for kielbasa.  In many Polish households, kielbasa is an Easter tradition as much as ham is in others, thus the rush to have some ready for this special time of year.

We’ve always made plump, savory kielbasa at Nueske’s.  We never offered it outside of our company store in Wittenberg… until now.  Easter kielbasa became so popular that we started offering it at our store year-round instead of just in the springtime.  Now we’re offering it to our online shoppers, as of today.

For an idea what makes our kielbasa special, here are our favorite parts of this juicy sausage:

~ Quality pork & beef smoked with sweet applewood.
~ Perfect texture – not too tightly packed but holds together well, as a kielbasa should!
~ Expertly seasoned with our blend of traditional spices including tangy yellow mustard seeds
& fresh cracked black pepper.

Our favorite way to serve this specialty sausage is by cooking it slow-and-low with sauerkraut and then serving the kielbasa and kraut next to a big heap of buttery, homemade mashed potatoes.  Of course, if you wanted to, serving it on fresh rolls with a dab of traditional course mustard would be excellent, too.

Nueske’s Old World Applewood Smoked Kielbasa are available here in 1.75 lb packages.

Nueske's Old World Applewood Smoked Kielbasa