A Thanksgiving Twist: Smoked Turkey

Submitted by Megan
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Anyone who’s hosting a Thanksgiving meal this year is probably about to get into full swing. There’s a lot of planning that can go into a meal like this one. Most of us stick with our old stand-bys. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we have something that might be new to you – and your guests – and it won’t disappoint.

We offer you this little Thanksgiving twist in the form of a gloriously juicy, tender applewood smoked turkey. If you haven’t tried serving a smoked turkey before, this might be a good time to think about getting your hands on one. They’re moist, flavorful, and most importantly, they NEED NO COOKING. You can serve our smoked turkey cold or room temperature… of course, if you prefer your turkey to be warm, just heat it gently, while covered, in the oven with a bit of water in the bottom of the pan.

Our smoked turkeys spend many hours in the Nueske family’s smokehouse, slowly smoking over glowing embers of sweet, rich applewood. Each turkey and turkey breast is kissed with mellow smoke all the way through and the meat is surprisingly succulent.

Nueske’s smokes both whole turkeys and boneless honey-glazed spiral-sliced turkey breasts. Both are popular with our customers during the holiday season and both come to you fully cooked. Add some extra flavor and tenderness to this year’s Thanksgiving centerpiece with one of our plump, juicy turkeys.