New Gifts: Nueske’s Wisconsin Cheese Samplers

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If you’ve ever stopped in at our Company Store in Wittenberg, Wisconsin, you’ve seen our large refrigerated case filled of some of Wisconsin’s tastiest cheeses and have likely had the opportunity to sample some of the finest cheeses that our state has to offer: aged cheddars, bricks, parmesans, and the new blues.  We decided to share the experience with our mail order customers and throughout the past year, we’ve taken our time carefully selecting cheeses from several local producers that really showcase the best of the best.  It was very hard to choose because of the bounty of excellent dairy goods that our home state has to offer – but we’ve made our selections.  We can ship anywhere in the U.S., so these are great gifts for displaced Wisconsinites and anyone who appreciates really good food.  These fine examples of cow’s milk cheese will make any cheese lover happy:

Widmer’s Traditional Trio
Joe Widmer is a third-generation (hey – just like us!) cheese-maker located in Theresa, Wisconsin.  At Widmer’s, they still use the same recipes and cheese forms that Joe’s grandfather, John Widmer, used when he began the business in the early 1900’s.  Joe is one of only eight Certified Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers and we are proud to feature three of his traditional cheeses in this sampler: Mild Brick, Colby, and Mild Cheddar.

Widmer's Traditional Cheese Trio

Widmer’s Mild Cheddar, Mild Brick, & Colby Cheeses from Nueske’s.

Sartori Artisan Sampler
Sartori Cheese in Plymouth, Wisconsin, is fast becoming known across the nation for their unbelievable parmesans.  Nothing like Sartori’s parmesans have ever been produced outside of Italy, until now.  The Sartori Family has been making cheese in this country since 1939 and they largely credit Wisconsin’s particular mix of climate, water, and soil, as a good part of their success.  This is parmesan so nutty and rich that you will find yourself a Sartori fan for life.  Our sampler includes: SarVecchio Parmesan, Balsamic BellaVitano, Merlot BellaVitano, and Black Pepper BellaVitano.

Nueske's Sartori Artisan Sampler

Sartori’s Balsamic BellaVitano, SarVecchio Parmesan, Merlot BellaVitano, & Black Pepper BellaVitano from Nueske’s.

Roelli’s Cheddar Blues
Some people are a little reserved about trying blue cheese, although most good cheese lovers really enjoy it.  We’ve chosen some very delicious cheddar blues that are a good “gateway blue” for beginning cheeseheads and also plenty complex enough for a seasoned cheese aficionado.  The Roelli Family has been making cheese in the tiny, historic village of Shullsburg, Wisconsin, for over a century.  Chris Roelli has been perfecting his skills by cellar-curing cheddars with a distinct blue vein.  We offer you both of Roelli’s Cheddar Blues, a distinct new take on blue cheese: Dunbarton Blue and Red Rock Blue.

Nueske's Roelli's Cheddar Blues

Roelli’s Dunbarton Blue & Red Rock Blue Cheeses from Nueske’s.

Hook’s Cheddar Sampler
Everyone’s favorite cheese.  Wisconsin is especially well-known for its bounty of best-in-the-nation cheddars.  From young, mild cheddars to their sharp and tangy elders, Julie & Tony Hook of Hook’s Cheese in Mineral Point really know their stuff.  The Hooks have been perfecting their craft for over 35 years, with outstanding results.  Julie Hook is the only woman ever to win the World Cheese Championship.  Our sampler of Hook’s cheddars has the perfect cheeses for cooking and the perfect cheeses for snacking, all in one.  Sampler contains: 1-Year Cheddar, 3-Year Cheddar, and 5-Year Cheddar. 

Nueske's Hook's Cheddar Sampler

Hook’s 1-Year, 3-Year, & 5-Year Cheddar Cheeses from Nueske’s.

We hope you enjoy our cheese samplers as much as we enjoyed choosing them!  On Wisconsin!