BLT Season

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BLT season is almost upon us.  The farmer’s markets up here in Wisconsin are starting to open and soon the market tables will be full of produce in addition to the pre-garden season tables laden with jars of local honey, last season’s salsa or pickles, and pure, golden maple syrup.  Soon there will be more zucchini than any one cook can handle, golden and deep purple beets, small creamy potatoes, tall bundles of dill, and then… the reds and yellows of REAL tomatoes.  Nothing you can buy at the store, no matter what the season, ever compares to tomatoes like this.  Tomatoes from the garden.  Tomatoes that smell like leaves of the plant they came from – you know what we mean if you’ve ever brushed up against or crushed a tomato plant leaf.  There is NOTHING like it.  In a state that has such an abbreviated growing season, we wait all year for this round, juicy bounty.

One of the other components in a BLT that makes it such a special summer food is (obviously) THE BACON.  Bacon: the smoky, crispy, slightly salty starring layer of any BLT worth mentioning.  You might be a purist and enjoy our applewood smoked bacon, L, & T on lightly toasted white bread with a layer of mayonnaise or you might be one of those slightly more daring people who swears by pepper-coated bacon on crusty sourdough (or really guild the lily with peppered bacon farmhouse bread made by the folks at Zingerman’s) with a few slices of avocado thrown in with your other veggies.  If you’re into wraps, here’s how you want to do your BLT.  Whether you’re a fan of our classic Applewood Smoked Bacon on your BLT or if you’re one of the Pepper Bacon crowd, we hope you enjoy this sunny summer season and all of its terrific flavors as much as we do!

BLT made with Nueske's Smoked Bacon

BLT made with Nueske’s Smoked Bacon