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Over 3 billion pounds of cheese are produced each year in America’s Dairy Land.  Wisconsin Cheese has earned more national and international awards for excellence than any other state or country, according to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.  Approximately 126 cheese makers produce hundreds of different varieties of cheese that are shipped all over the world.  Wisconsinites know their cheese, and we want to share a favorite with you, Widmer’s Traditional Trio.  Widmer’s cheese has exceptional flavor and exhibits Old World texture and taste.  Unless you reside in Wisconsin, you will not find a cheese like this at your local grocery store.  Widmer’s melted Mild Cheddar in a grilled cheese sandwich paired with Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Pepper Bacon makes an indulgent lunch or simple dinner.  Widmer’s Trio makes the perfect cheese plate or charcuterie side.  Check out these recipes; Widmer’s cheeses will make the perfect addition.

Widmer's Cheese Trio | Wisconsin Cheese

Traditional Wisconsin cheeses from Widmer’s.

Nueske’s Crescent & Bacon Roll

Four Cheese Rigatoni with Nueske’s Bacon

Cheesy Hash Browns with Nueske’s Turkey

Nueske’s also offers more items for cheese lovers:  Try our Applewood Smoked Bratwurst (Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar, and Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar) that are made with the highest quality pork, and Wisconsin-crafted Cheddar Cheese.  These bratwursts are smoked over glowing Applewood embers and are fully cooked; all you need to do is warm and serve.


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