Nueske’s Spring Hams

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This time of year, we create a whole host of big, beautiful hams for the center of your table.  We’re proud to make one of the most popular Easter dishes around.  All of our hams are applewood smoked in the traditional Nueske’s manner and are ready to serve, too – just warm them gently.  These hams are what is known as a “wet-cured” or “city”-style ham.

Here’s a list of all the ham varieties we craft at Nueske’s:

Spiral-Sliced Honey Glazed Hams: Our best-selling hams this time of year are our Applewood Smoked Spiral-Sliced Honey Glazed Hams.  You can get them on-the-bone (aka “bone-in”) or boneless, although we’ll tell you that some pretty great cooks we know recommend ordering your meat on the bone because they believe it enhances the flavor.  We spiral-slice these hams so that they are extra-easy to carve and serve… and we also glaze our hams by hand with a special blend of honey and spices.

We make a Petite Honey-Glazed Ham, too.  It’s perfect for smaller family meals.  This ham is unsliced and has the same generous coating of sweet honey glaze that we add to our larger honey-glazed hams.

Old Fashioned Hams:  Available in both boneless and bone-in varieties, these hams are what you picture in your mind when you think of a classic ham dinner: Large, smoky hams with deep golden exteriors and tender, moist meat inside.

For the more adventurous home cook, this type of ham is not glazed or sliced.  Some ideas we like for glazing your own ham include: Bourbon Glaze (bourbon, maple syrup, Dijon mustard), Maple-Orange Glaze (brown sugar, maple syrup, orange zest, cloves, orange juice), Spiced Apple Glaze (butter, maple syrup, thin-sliced apples, cinnamon).  If you’re into trying new recipes at home, this ham is a great base to start with.

Nueske's Applewood Smoked Old Fashioned Bone-in Ham

Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Old Fashioned Bone-in Ham

Spiral-Sliced Pepper-Coated Ham: One of our juicy, applewood smoked hams that’s been hand-rubbed with a blend of fresh-cracked Tellicherry peppercorns, adding a whole new level of flavor.  This peppered ham is for those who love a little extra kick in their foods.  These hams are all spiral-sliced.

Nueske's Applewood Smoked Spiral-Sliced Tellicherry Pepper-Coated Ham

Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Spiral-Sliced Tellicherry Pepper-Coated Ham

Ham Steaks: Some of our hams get sliced into ham steaks.  These steaks are every bit as flavorful as our whole hams but come in a small serving size that’s easy to store in the refrigerator or freezer and is often the perfect amount of ham to add to recipes like scalloped potatoes or quiche.

Want turkey instead?  We have spiral-sliced honey-glazed turkey breasts, unglazed turkey breasts, and whole turkeys… all Applewood Smoked.   So if you’re thinking of trying an alternative to ham this year, check out our poultry.