Classic Breakfast: Corned Beef Hash

Submitted by Megan
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For those of you who enjoy a really serious breakfast, corned beef hash is about as hearty as it gets.  A meal that originally arose as a frugal way to extend the last bits of cured beef with stomach-filling potatoes, it’s now a breakfast classic both here in the U.S. and across the big pond.   Nueske’s corned beef hash is made with savory corned beef and tender diced potatoes.  If you are currently – or have ever been – eating your corned beef hash out of a can, please do yourself a favor and try ours.  You won’t go back to the tinned stuff.

Our favorite way to serve (and eat) our corned beef hash is simple (2 steps!):

~ Fry it until it’s nice and crispy-brown.   Sure, our hash is pre-cooked, but you definitely want to take it that extra step and make it AMAZING.  A perfectly-browned serving of hash is a makes a memorable weekend breakfast plate.

~ Serve an egg over the top.  When your hash is deliciously crispy, fry up an egg to serve over your hash.  We recommend that it be sunny-side up, because this is all about letting the rich yolk burst and run into the crispy bits of potato and corned beef.  If sunny-side up eggs aren’t your favorite, at least go over-easy or poached.

Nueske's Corned Beef Hash

Nueske’s Corned Beef Hash

What else can you do with corned beef hash?  Our friends over at Simple Comfort Food make an over-the-top breakfast sandwich, using the hash-and-egg combination and some lovely, lacey Swiss Cheese.  They even used our very own Nueske’s Corned Beef Hash for their recipe, so we know it’s good!