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These are one of our favorite appetizers right now because they taste like summer, especially if you can get your hands on some really good little grape tomatoes.  We’ve been getting lucky and have been able to get tomatoes that don’t taste like they were grown in the deep freeze.  The sweet-tart tomato, creamy-milky mozzarella, smoky bacon, and balsamic glaze all really get along and even a novice cook can probably pull this recipe off without a hitch.  Here’s how to make them:



Preparation Instructions:

Wash your grape tomatoes and allow them to dry.  Drain your mozzarella.  Place a grape tomato and a fresh mozzarella ball on each skewer, close to the pointy end (if you put them too far up the skewer, they become a bit challenging to eat).  Have a plate to put all of your partially-prepped skewers on, to await the bacon.  Cover the skewers so that your mozzarella doesn’t dry out.  Do not prep far ahead.

Cut each strip of smoked bacon into three pieces.  Place as many of these bacon pieces as fit comfortably into a large skillet and turn the heat to medium-medium low heat.  Cook the bacon until it begins to brown, turning occasionally.  Even if you are a crispy bacon lover, you don’t want to cook the bacon until it’s crisp because it will shatter when you get to the next step and try to place it on the skewers.  Take your bacon out of the pan while it is browned but pliable.

While the bacon is still a bit warm, but not hot enough to burn your fingers, fold or roll each still-warm piece of bacon and place it on the end of each tomato-and-mozzarella skewer.  Drizzle the skewers with balsamic glaze and serve immediately.

Makes approximately 30 skewers.

Here’s to summer heading our way!