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A Special Day just for Breakfast

Submitted by Alyssa Selle

Wisconsin is home to key ingredients for a proper National Pancake Day breakfast- Smoky Bacon, Lean Canadian Bacon, and sweet Maple Syrup.  No need for an alarm; use the sizzle and aroma of our award-winning Bacon to wake up your household.  Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon comes in many varieties –  Applewood Smoked, all natural and […]

There are certainly more than just two factors that contribute to the simple perfection that a crisp BLT offers on a summer evening, but the bacon and the tomato would definitely be in our Top 3 Critical BLT Ingredients. When tomato season rolls around in Wisconsin, all the tomato lovers blissfully gather what they can […]

BLT Season

Submitted by Megan

BLT season is almost upon us.  The farmer’s markets up here in Wisconsin are starting to open and soon the market tables will be full of produce in addition to the pre-garden season tables laden with jars of local honey, last season’s salsa or pickles, and pure, golden maple syrup.  Soon there will be more […]

A Thanksgiving Twist: Smoked Turkey

Submitted by Megan

Anyone who’s hosting a Thanksgiving meal this year is probably about to get into full swing. There’s a lot of planning that can go into a meal like this one. Most of us stick with our old stand-bys. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we have something that might be new to you – and […]